Zamir Javer On Social Media As An Effective Marketing Tool

Zamir Javer

All social networking sites or social media platforms are designed to facilitate human interaction. As such, Jumpfactor CEO Zamir Javer believes it can be harnessed to produce powerful digital marketing results.

Key to the success of social media campaigns is the creation of content that will arouse the interest of members of a social media platform enough for him to share it with other people. Once shared, content attribution shifts to the person who shared it and gains credibility by having come from a reliable third party source, most often a friend of the receiver. Participation in social networking platforms also raise brand awareness without being viewed as annoying the way direct advertisements are.

The speed by which information is shared in social media magnifies each piece of content or comment posted about your company, thus allowing for speedy results in the volume of traffic generated. This, however, can be a double-edged sword as negative comments spread as fast if not faster than positive ones. That is why social media campaigns should be part of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that includes reputation management, SEO, and content optimization among others.

Not to be overlooked are social media forms available through smart phones, which is facilitates connection at virtually all times. The laptop or notebook may be left on the table, but the smart device stays with the potential client. Uploading social media content specifically designed to work on smart devices is a good investment.

Used properly social media can be a great boost to your marketing efforts. Zamir Javer warns, however, that haphazard use of social media can harm your brand and marketing efforts in a heartbeat.